Prevent your website from being hacked, secure your private data, and protect your system files from malicious codes and attacks !!!

Everyone nowadays knows about website hacking. People do hack to get access of others website for advertising, financial fraud, reducing competitor’s reputation or for important information. Around 9,500 websites get blacklisted daily by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others because of the injected malware of the hackers we have to completely understand what might be the consequences.

The result is lost of revenue, reputation, and a high chance that you’re infecting your customers. In these cases we have to remove the malware and the blacklist status to bring things back on to the track. However, the problem is growing faster as hackers are attracted to the millions of new websites created as a result of easy and inexpensive ways to get companies online.

Companies nowadays are very much concerned about their web security which determines reputation and brings customer’s attention. Just creating a website with Wordpress/Joomla and making it online is not the end of task. Providing security and maintaining the website’s health and reputation is vital.

What we do:

  • Malware Detection : Detecting malware is the vital part. This will let us know what are the exact files or entries in tables have been injected with malicious scripts.
  • Malware Removal : Recognizing the malicious patterns and removing them completely from the website.
  • Blacklist Removal : Asking for a review to remove the blacklist status from the infected website to companies like Google / McAfee on your behalf.
  • Log Analysis And Vulnerability Assessment : Analyzing the logs and finding the reasons or the culprit IP/IPs for which the website was hacked.
  • Expert’s Recommendation : Providing the expert’s recommendations for securing the website.
  • Patching : We perform the following operations under security patching.
    • Banning the culprit IPs for which the website was hacked.
    • Setting a security system in the website for which the it will not be hacked again from various type of malicious attacks.
    • Upgrading the CMS like Wordpress/Joomla to the supportable latest version.
    • Preventing the website from various type of bot attacks.
    • Performing any other recommendations provided by the experts which are possible from our end.