Education Management ERP

In the fastest growing competitive environment, education sector is the top priority industry across the globe. Managing an institution without hampering the quality of education is a big challenge. Education Management ERP streamlines and helps in managing student information efficiently and making the process automated. It helps students, teachers/faculties, parents and the school administrative staff to manage their task in an easier way.

Benefits of using an Education Management ERP

  • Manage student’s database in a cost-effective way.
  • Automated administration in a user-friendly interface.
  • Efficient course management, fees management.

Different Modules of an Education Management ERP:

  • System & Data Administration (Admin): An institution’s management gets to control the whole system as well as all the data in a single window. Managing database of students, staffs, teachers/faculties is a way lot more easily with the help of ERP
  • People Resource Management:Manage all the information of the employees in a single window with the help of ERP system.
  • Compliance Management: The process of managing a set of rules for a set of people becomes easier with help of an ERP system.
  • Admission Management: ERP helps to automate the various steps involved in admission starting from student registration to fees collection and batch allotment.
  • Students Management: Students are at the heart of an institution. An ERP system stores student’s personal data, exam records as well as a track of their day-to-day progress which can eventually be used to analyze and track their improvements over time.
  • Academics Management: ERP helps to Map students for different programs and courses. It can also helps in enrolling faculties into their specific department and courses.
  • Events Management: Institution’s on-going and up-coming events can be maintained with the help of ERP, where students, parents and employees can have a overview of all the events at one place.
  • Library Management: ERP system helps to generate library cards for students/faculties. From issuing of books to receiving books from students, track and manage with a single click.
  • Transportation Management: Plan and manage institution’s transportation system. Track vehicle information and define vehicle routes based on the number of stops.
  • Hostel Management: Maintain details about hostels, floors, rooms, room type, bed number, warden, manager at one place without the help of paper work.
  • School Administration: School administrator can manage all the departments starting from generating reports to keeping of budgets and records with a single click using an ERP system.
  • Revenue Management: A simpler way to manage and track payments, bills and any types of fees collected from students at one place.
  • Expenditure Management: The ease of tracking and analyzing all the assets and infrastructure expenditure incurred in the institution.
  • Accounts Management: ERP system helps in managing various types of accounts reducing the use of paper works.

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