Hospital Management ERP

The Medical Industry is the fastest growing sector. The standard and health checkup quality should not be ignored as well. To manage the various operations, ERP systems helps hospitals in many ways. Whether you are a small, medium or large sized hospital, our Hospital Management ERP is designed to manage their operations and processes in an efficient manner yet in a cost-effective way.

Benefits of using a Hospital Management ERP

  • Streamline healthcare processes & activities.
  • Reduce Manpower.
  • Less Paperwork.
  • Track each and every detail of a Doctor, Patient & also hospital staffs.
  • Take advantage of simple centralized backup options.

Different Modules:

  • Department Management: Hospital Management ERP helps hospitals in managing all its departments from a single window. Track status of multiple departments such as housekeeping, maintenance, security, etc.
  • Doctor Management: Keeping a track record of all the doctors in their respective specialization is an important task of hospitals.
  • Patient Management: Starting from scheduling an appointment to patient registration, ERP system helps hospitals to keep an eye on patient’s medical background with a single click. The records are created in a simple that you can sort the data as per your need.
  • Pharmacist Management: Right medicine for right patient! ERP helps in managing the Quantity, Doses, and timing which could be really complex to manage.
  • Laboratories Management: This module is helpful for the pathology to record the sample collection process and test reports of patients.
  • Accountant Management: This module helps the cashier and billing department as it provides a detailed view of the charges related to a particular patient like medicines issued, bed charges, lab tests and so on.
  • Help Desk Management: The ERP helps in providing a single point of contact for multiple problems/requests as well as queries. Track the status of each and every query/issue at a single click.
  • Monitor hospital Management: Monitor each and every department in a single dashboard to have an overview of all the on-going activities.
  • Notice board Management: This module deals with all types of enquiries related to patient enquiry, appointment enquiry, visitor pass management etc which helps the patients admitted or registered.
  • Message Management: This module helps administration to notify patients and staffs seamlessly with their status and updates.
  • Account Management: Manage each and every patient’s account individually and track the status of the billing or payment history.

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