Software Testing

Software testing is the process of inspecting the software product to check the level of its quality. This methodology is used to validate all the business requirements, functional and non-functional activities that were finalized before the software development process. Being one of the most important phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) the main motive of software testing is to attain the maximum level of quality and bug-free software to the clients.

Software Testing Levels:

Generally, Software testing is performed at various levels of software development process using different testing techniques.

  • Unit Testing: Unit testing examines the proper functioning of each component belonging to the software product before the developer completes the unit development.
  • Integration Testing: Integration Testing: A software product consists of various software modules, coded by different programmers. Integration Testing focuses on checking proper data communication between these modules. Integration Testing is a phase where software modules are integrated logically and tested as a group.
  • System Testing: This testing phase evaluates the behavior and working of the whole system from a user point of view, with the help of specified business requirements. The main motive of system testing is to evaluate functional/ business/ end user requirements.
  • Acceptance Testing: This phase of testing is done by the client to ensure the whole software product is as per the specified business requirements

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