ERP Solution

Building Commitment During an ERP roll out

Advantages of Using Web based ERP software

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Best for Managers:

ERP – Enterprise resource planning allows you to manage all your business processes across departments. As we know that there are different kinds of ERP solutions available in the market. Some categories are simple applications, to open source erp software or license based software. Apart from that there are different ways ERP can be installed for your organization some of them are Web based, Server based, Cloud based ERP, SAAS ERP solutions and so on.

Access from Anywhere:

The main benefits of using web based ERP software is that you can use it from anywhere, or from any corner of the world with the help of Internet connection

Customer management:

With web based ERP software order request can be communicated and managed easily from the ERP system if it is web based. Similarly any help desk or support tickets can be escalated in case of emergencies for better customer management.

As everything is on the web with few login credentials user can start feeding the data into the software from any computer with the help of internet connectivity. It is not the case with Traditional or server based ERP system which needs to be installed on every user machine. Tip: If a native app is the best option for you, make sure the developer you hire has proven experience specifically in the language(s) you need, not simply experience with programming.Another biggest advantages of using web based ERP software Is that there is no need of installing the software on each and every machine, therefore no specialized hardware is required to manage your ERP systems

We are an Expert

Our Point of Sale Software Solutions are designed to address the challenges of Small & Independent Aspirants, Retailers and large multi-store Retail Chains. Their sector specific orientation, built using latest technologies, assure retailers 'a visible improvement.

Erp software is specially designed for the Companies who want to control or manage their C&F/C&A, Distributors, Stockist, Super-Stockists while Sitting at HO. It covers all major operations like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Re-plenishment, Financial Accounting, MIS & VAT reports, Claims and Returns.
Manufacturing software is specially designed for Small Manufacturing / Assembling units to High-end Manufacturing plants, by seamlessly integrating all transactions in production planning, costing, order management, purchase, testing, manufacturing process, inventory, sales, financial management, vat returns, excise till balance sheet.
It is a reporting software for all industries which helps in promoting products in the market. This software works as a complete tool providing crucial information on the activities of sales staff such as- Daily Call Reports, Attendance Reports, Stock & Sales Reports, Client Activity reports etc.