A wise man said “health is wealth” and we have realized the same in the year 2020 during the situation of COVID-19 pandemic. With our busy work schedules and lifestyle, we forgot what is the importance of health and that is why healthcare is the most neglected industry in India. This is high time that we utilize most advanced technologies in various sectors of healthcare/hospitals and make life easier for both customers and service providers. If we look at the healthcare sector in advanced countries, they are so well equipped with IT that it is easier for both patients and health care professionals to reach out to each other.

Most common solutions that we are offering for Healthcare segment are:

  • A website with Patient Booking
  • Mobile app for patient and healthcare service providers
  • Application for online medicine
  • Application for testing labs
  • Digital Marketing
Healthcare Websites with Patient Booking System
Be it a Hospital, clinic, dental clinic, or nursing home the most basic requirement is to have a website with doctor time scheduling and patient booking system. With wide experience in various web technologies we have produced many such professional websites with these booking systems. Some most commonly used technologies are Custom PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, etc. Let’s connect and make the most out of our expertise.
Mobile App for Patient & Healthcare Service Providers
We offer mobile application development in both IOS and Android for patients and different healthcare service providers like doctors, Nurse, Pathological Labs, Ambulance, etc. We can dictate instructions into the app, such as medication, doctor consultation, and more. It also contains a question and answer-based service that connects patients with specialists.
Application for online medicine
Start or expand your pharmacy business to the online pharmacy with a mobile app. Create an Online Medical Store App for your Pharmacy made by Crushaders Tech. With mobile apps, our app development team comes up that allows users to order medicines, book consultations, or lab tests and even communicate with doctors—everything with just a single click.
Application for lab-test booking
The medical testing laboratory is the perfect pocket tool for medical laboratory testing and allows you to search through a vast library of popular laboratory tests to learn more about the clinical laboratory qualities. But, regardless of whether you're a healthcare professional, a nurse, medical student, or just graduated from a medical university, we at Crushaders Tech build you a MUST HAVE app for laboratory tests for you.
Digital Marketing
Crushaderstech is a full-service digital marketing agency with a long history of providing our customers incredible results. We take a customized approach to each client project. \We focus more on SEO in some cases, while in others we may dig more into PPC, social media, or conversion optimization. We provide the right combination of online marketing services to deliver the best possible results.

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